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  1. FlamingoKilts is folding its tent (wings?) and, as of 11/1/11, will no longer exist as a licensed business entity. We sincerely thank our past customers! It's been great fun but was never more than a hobby business. Personal matters have meant less and less time available for crafting, and the business income really doesn't justify the expense of maintaining a website, minimal advertising, business licenses, etc. We will fulfill remaining orders, of course, and I will be available for the random one-off project. So it's goodbye to the business name and website only. You'll still have sydnie7 to kick around. Thanks again to those who took a chance on a new vendor, and keep supporting the cottage kilting industry!
  2. "Look for the union label. . ." surely I am not the only one here old enough to remember that ad campaign?
  3. Those are great, especially the "looking down"! We would see fledgling burrowing owls while working at a racetrack here in southern Calif but I could never get close enough for pictures. Have never seen any others in the wild.
  4. These socks are my concession to Global Warming.
  5. Shaping up as Friday night at McGowan's, perhaps meeting between 6 and 6:30 to be seated by 7 p.m. 73340 Hwy 111, Palm Desert 760-346-6032
  6. Bob and I are coming to PS from San Diego for the Thanksgiving weekend, arriving Wednesday (in time to catch the end of USC/UCLA game) and departing Sunday. Any interest in a Friday or Saturday kilt night? We really enjoyed McGowan's Irish Inn a few years ago, how does that sound for a venue? (posted on other forums, too)
  7. We've made our reservations, ordered tickets, etc. Who else will we see at this great event? This year we are taking Amtrak up (again) and getting a rental car -- easier and cheaper than cabs! Bob and I will be at the event dinner Friday night and check in with Clan Donnachaidh throughout the weekend. Saturday night is typically spent at Dargan's on Main Street. Dargan's Games site
  8. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Take strength from your family and friends, take time to grieve. While you will never forget what might have been, here's wishing that you both will also find happiness and love in what is yet to come.
  9. So happy for you! Glad to see that you have a wearable BotK kilt at last. Even happier that I was not the one doing the work LOL
  10. Another SoCal welcome here! What part of our lovely state did you choose?
  11. "Topaz 9-3945 in Downey, please" That's my father, RIP, making the requisite operator-assisted call from our home in Sunset Beach (a Geneva exchange number that escapes me just now) to his brother, circa 1964. Can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, but I remember Uncle DeWayne's phone number from 45 years ago!
  12. With a name like Sydnie Wauson, you quickly learn to spell slowly LOL And the companies I've worked for! Chek-Chart (note the "missing" C), AiResearch, Clymer, Isuzu. . . and the street names! 2001 The Alameda, Pellissier Bl., it just goes on and on. And my going-on-15-year-old e-mail address, with its legacy domain name that is another "word missing a letter" special. I, too, have gotten the "how fast can I say this number" voicemails. I recently attended a customer service seminar (part of a job for an automotive client) where the facilitator put his phone on computer speaker and called up dealerships to do informal mystery shops. The dealership receptionists who have to answer a phone with "Thank you for calling Hometown Buick-GMC-Hyundai-Sprinter-Mahindra-Vespa-Schwinn, how may I direct your call?" a few dozen or hundred times a day have my total sympathy, whether or not they are comprehensible.
  13. We were at the Donnachaidh tent, as usual. Looked for you, Bob thought he spotted you at one point but wasn't in a position to make contact. Had dinner at Hennessey's with Greg and Randa from Beaumont, pretty quiet weekend overall. You going up to Ventura in Oct? Thinking about a kilt night in Carlsbad between now and then.
  14. Third pair of kilt hose I've made for Bob, these using a cable pattern that I purchased separately and incorporated into a basic hose pattern. I had to figure out how to "end" the cable myself. These somehow turned out too long, so [someday] I'll rip them up almost to the end of the cable and start the heel flap from there, vs. the few inches of plain knitting you see from end of cable to ankle. And shorten those flashes! But a double fold at the cuff made them wearable for a day at the Vista Games, with Leatherneck tartan. I'm almost done with a pair in dark blue, using one of the cuffs from Gainford's book. Will get pix of them posted in the next few weeks.
  15. Paging Mr. Webb. . . Mr. Chris Webb. . .