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  1. My bad girl already knows - but for some reason she keeps checking..... <BIG EVIL GRIN>
  2. The Marine verse of the the Navy hymn: "Oh Heavenly Father grant we pray to all Marines, both night and day The courage, honor, strength and skill, Their land to serve, Thy Law fulfill." Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful. It's not just a motto, for a Warrior, it's a way of life. To G-D, to Country, to Corps (or whatever Band of Brothers), to Family and to your own self.
  3. Michele and I will also be there Saturday. Good times!
  4. Never mind, the 2010 code still works!
  5. Is there a new code to get our Brotherhood discount?
  6. Ah, it isn't the sleeping....... With Welsh, Scottish, and Irish in the mix, and all of the men in the family 6 foot+ and red haired, I'm another Celtic/Viking mutt myself. Just remember - pillage, THEN burn.
  7. It would be very difficult for Scotland to sever ties to the island it's sitting on. Now if Scotland were to sever ties to England, thereby un-uniting the United Kingdom, that might be interesting.
  8. D@mn. Back in the day, I was the masterlayout inspector for the main engine fuel control. End of an era. Just hope a new one starts soon. "Earth is too small and frail a basket for all of humanity's eggs" The Grand Admiral of Spaceship Earth, Robert Heinlein
  9. I have heard of a number of people running the Dash in a USAKilt Casual. I saw a pic of one that was the "American Heritage" tartan right after the race. Couldn't tell if the kilt was tartan or not, or what the base color was. The runner hosed himself down, keeping the kilt on, and it actually looked about halfway presentable. That teflon coated PV is astounding.
  10. I frequent both boards, here and the other place. MOST of the traditionalists over there would not tell you they thought you were mis-attired, they would just think "How sad" to themselves. Unless it is some obvious mistake, like having the pleats in front. Of course every group including this one, has its quota of voids surrounded by sphincter muscles.
  11. I got Tartan Day added to the official agency calendar at the National Security Agency, so I am going to wear my kilt on Friday to work for the first time.
  12. I've started a campaign to get my 8 year old grandson to go to see this with me, with both of us kilted.