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  1. First you spew racist filth, and then you agree with KT? Laughable
  2. What "English" should we go back to and fossilize in stone? Is Chaucer good for you? You know, of course, that English is merely stolen scraps from a "great feast of languages," don't you? By the way, if you are so concerned with the state of the language, perhaps you should practice writing it properly. A harangue against a black president and "e-bonics" [sic] in the same paragraph, hmmm.
  3. Hate to break it to you, but even should he not be re-elected, the words "President Barack Obama" will be said until the United States of America ceases to exist, and perhaps even after that.
  4. My grand-uncle was killed about three days before 11/11/1918. You are right that it was horrific that people died after peace was decided
  5. Then again, maybe I'll be lucky and you and your genius governor will secede from the Union after the President's re-election.
  6. You should regale us with tales of the Shetlands, BOBN TOM!
  7. Reminds me of the "Morris Guards" that existed here in Atlantic City and fought as a unit in the Spanish-American War. For WWI, however, members were dispersed throughout the regular army.
  8. What is an example of a "legitimate regiment under the 2nd Amendment" formed in this manner in recent times? Thanks
  9. I live appox 6 miles from the point of landfall in NJ, but I slept through it. Only damage was a fallen tree back in our small wooded lot
  10. Friday 08/19/11, 7:30 PM The Deck Golden Nugget (formerly Trump Marina) Huron Avenue at Brigantine Boulevard Atlantic City, NJ
  11. Dude: "I was recently ask in a PM if I would consider doing some type of trade-in program for people that got the original BOTK tartan kilt." KM