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  1. Glad I hopped in and saw this! Thoughts and prayers coming your way brother! I'd hoped to see you again at the WV Scottish Festival even if I'm not going to be kilted this year
  2. I should have put a quarter or something for size reference in the picture. The antler is about an inch wide x half an inch or so wide. No I hadn't thought about making my own ferrule, I honestly don't know that I could make one that doesn't look like crap, I'm way better at destroying things lol. I didn't know if it would be necessary to stabilize or not knowing that it was harvested this year. I'm hoping not to shape it much at all other than removing an inch from the smaller end and sanding the base smooth so I can burn a design into it or find a stone to embed.
  3. Hey guys, this will be my first attempt to make my own sgian dubh (or really any knife lol). I had luck this year getting what I thought was going to be an 8 point buck, until I got up to it found that one side was broken off. What is left looks very nice to me and I immediately thought of try to make a knife out of it. I've found a few kits out there with blade, sheath and bog wood for the handle that are withing my price range for a project that I may screw up lol. Specifically, one of these: I'm courious about if I need to stabilize the antler with wood hardener or some sort of other material. If I do, do I do that before I drill the hole for the blade? What glue or epoxy would you recommend for setting the blade? If I like how it is looking, how hard is it to add a sterling silver fitting like they offer here: ? What is the best way of determining the size fitting to order? I know lots of questions, but very excited for this opportunity that fell in my lap lol. Pics of the antler in question
  4. And better looking! (just saying)
  5. Yep the run by checking, still not as bad as the cold granny hands, but you get what you can lol.
  6. That barrel almost dumped everyone brave enough to get on it. I think the lasses were hoping for a show!
  7. Great meeting you both... dealing with sunburns today and taking it easy around the house.
  8. See everyone tomorrow. Wife ended up winning tickets for Sat, so she is coming too.
  9. LOL isn't that the weather every year at this event? Well atleast the rain anyway. Will be there on Sat, hope to meet everyone!
  10. I have not seen this mentioned yet and was looking for an official story to link to before I posted it, but on April 15th a drunk driver crashed into a car killing Max McDougall and Emily Preston.
  11. LOL! I'd be up for a meet. Depending on finances I'm hoping to do this the first or second week of May. I've got to ship the carbs over to them and take a day off work to go over hopefully on a friday to have the put it back on the bike and do the sync.
  12. Yep a hotel. Figured I could ask someone more or less local if there was one to recommend or ones to avoid at all costs lol.