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  1. Just listened to your soundcloud offerings. The Who, Mike Oldfield... I get the impression you'd feel right at home in my record collection! Thanks for sharing.

    1. The Amadan

      The Amadan

      Thanks... it's just an occasional hobby.:)

  2. Hello from the Northwest corner of Wisconsin!... Transplanted after 40+ years on the Southside of Chicago.
  3. Your name's not really Hurry Up by any chance?
  4. Shoulder holsters for both my 1911 and S&W 629 in the same type of nylon that my Stillwater Cargo Sporran is made from... why make your sporran so heavy?
  5. BTW... As someone new to kilting, I would tell you that sitting on the fence is seldom a good idea.
  6. Both of my parents are from Gaeltacht areas in western Ireland... so as far as I know I have NO connections to highland life whatsoever. Some relatives had very strong ties to the Fenian movement, but I don't think anyone in my family had the sort of money or prestige to attend the type of nationalist schools or organizations that tried to promote the saffron "Irish Kilt". So although I have deep roots in what is popularly termed Celtic culture, I have to be honest and say that I'm just an American who likes kilts!
  7. Courtesy of my girlfriend's niece, a balmoral in Blaze Orange and Fluorescent Yellow. Deer season just around the corner, and this may be just the thing to keep stray 30.06 slugs from vandalizing my best noggin! The pic doesn't do it credit... this chapeau is LOUD. The colour may not suit my more Fenian tendencies, but its Safety First up here in the North Woods! I love it!
  8. I'm kinda shocked at myself for being so disappointed at the outcome. I'm an American, my parents were Irish, and I have no links to Scotland of which I'm aware (other than loving the country the times I've visited and traveled about). There was something so refreshing and hope-inducing in the thought of such a great nation peacefully voting in it's own independence and perhaps being an example to the rest of the world. It wasn't just Brigadoonery or fetishizing Braveheart, I was really hoping to see Scotland taking the lead in self-governance and sovereignty. I fully realize my opinion means squat in the whole matter, but still, thinking of what might have been makes me a bit sad. Silly, I know.
  9. I'm afraid I may be out some coin as well... Too bad, I liked dealing with him. I got two of my favorite kilts from FC.
  10. I was completely warped as a child by Linda Harrison as Nova in "Planet of the Apes" and subsequently I am a complete sucker for the Raquel Welch "1,000,000 Years B.C." Cave Cutie look! A sexy woman in tattered chamois duds could certainly wreck my life if she cared to!
  11. Just for the sake of balance, THIS son of two Paddies (and both Culchies at that!) doesn't take offense. I haven't met too many Irish, here or in Ireland who I think would have... And my pals in Eire all seemed to view 'A Right Slaggin'' as a polite form of casual address. Of course, I haven't met everyone...which is good. I'm horrible with names!
  12. Megs- Let's not start confusing incentives for deterrents! Ah, hell... maybe I just BELONG in the corner!
  13. Thanks for all the kind welcomes...Like I said, I've lurked quite a bit, so a lot of your handles and personas are familiar. Ive enjoyed reading and following the threads for awhile. My best wishes to one and all! Mick
  14. Hello to all... I've lurked here for a long time, just recently decided to register. I had to laugh after noticing how many find their way here after having to sit with their hands folded too long elsewhere... I'm sure nobody knows what I'm talking about! Don't you hate it when someone with an intelligent opinion chimes in when the grownups are having a discussion? Well, show me to the kids table. I'm more of an-olive-on-each-finger sort of bloke anyway! Mick