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  1. Sorry most of my "Games" equiptment is in the 12 - 16 oz range.
  2. One day I'll find myself in your neighborhood and I would considerate an honor to have some of your art.
  3. Beamish Murphy's Magners In that order
  4. I didn't make RockFest but if you're a kilt wearer in KC, We'll run into each other.
  5. I agree with AKG and Raptor (You could not ask for two finer Bros) that you have to match what you wear to the situation. I wouldn't wear a "casual Kilt" to a Burns dinner but I would wear one to a Highland games or other such event. Utility kilts are a whole new can of worms, I have a couple of great ones (Needle pimps for example) but I use these more as "jeans". Basically It's up to you and what your personal dress code is.
  6. If anyone is going, drop me a line here...
  7. I'd sport the heaviest kilt pin I could find....
  8. I'll be there for the "games weekend" and the Irish Fest weekend. If anyone else wants to met up... You know where to find me.
  9. If you go kilted long enough you are going to find out that a flask just doesn't hold enough for all the friends that you make. This is the perfect accesory for those of us who are "Tactically Kilted". This product has been tested by me and found worthy enough to share. Hydrant by Maratac
  10. Give me a shout next time you are in KC.
  11. This is what I use for a Sporran wallet. I know it's not as cool as a Turpin made one, but it has a zipper and it's made in the U.S.A. Waterfield Designs.
  12. Sorry you can't make it Bro. I'll hoist one in your honor.
  13. It's going to be a great time... Just look for a stage or a beer truck and you'll find us.