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  1. Hello Sir It would be a long drive for me but I would like to see Savannah. Have you seen anyone else in kilts?
  2. I teach the ADD course for the National Safety council. Many states enforce the Bicycle Safety Act including Colorado and Massachusetts, does your state have this law in place? Was the cyclist making a left turn at an intersection?
  3. The look is a bit like a costume, maybe it's the arm braces. Try on a solid color shirt. I like the kilt and the Steampunk theme very much kiltedmoon.
  4. That's a very wide belt you have on. Does the kilt have belt loops? I like the kilt a lot Willem.
  5. I'm 56 and like a good workout. it's not my knees, it's my elbow that bothers me and when I am doing 110# presses I try to change not just the way I lift but use my biceps more, it's hard to explain, but works for me. I just have to concentrate more on the way I do things.
  6. My first and favorite car was a 1963 Oldsmobile and I picked out a cool model name.
  7. I wear mine with the waist at the navel or just below the ribs. the hem will be at the top of the knee, so when I order a kilt it will be 24" long. I like the traditional look with casual kilts.
  8. When I do wear shoes I switch between boat shoes and clogs to sneekers.
  9. How did you get your son to wear a kilt? I've tried to get my 14 year old son interested in it back in 2004 when I first started wearing them. He is so afraid to be teased and works hard at blending in with the crowd. My 11 year old daughter does not want to be seen with me when I wear my kilts in a store.
  10. Driver Education unkilted on Saturday. My wife's birthday is the 29th and she wants to go to the Olive Garden restaurant with the family and no kilt. On Sunday if the weather permits I will be tuning up the car wearing a kilt.
  11. I don't mind this new style but it's not for me. If it attracts more people to the kilt though it would be a success. when I first looked at it it seemed to be put on backwards. The "V" looks like a thong. Power to Utilikilts anyway.
  12. I will be getting my third kilt this year and am considering ALT Kilt too.
  13. I only wish that I put my son in kilts when he was very young and took pictures. He is fourteen now and even though I discovered kilts in 2004, he will not wear them now.