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  1. No need to ask permission....if you like it, wear it.
  2. Congrats!!! I was afraid (hopeful?) that you all would be forever blowing bubbles with Phil "Tangerine" Brown!...lol.....j/k. In that part of England, I'm well for the Hammers over Villa aye!
  3. Oh I ignored that tit long ago. I'm just responding to a concept and community concern, and not an individual.
  4. I do presentations quite often on behalf of my Scottish Society, and wear my kilts every time, along with others that participate. We do this for grades K-College, and are always received well and enthusiastically. If I wore one of Webb's "Hey everyone, check out my bits" skirts, the local Police would have me locked up straight away. Again, only ONE reason to wear something that short....And those of you that defend that, must have some interesting porn on your computers too aye?
  5. Webb, like any other nonce (DO look that up!) wants attention, positive or noo, and due to an obvious lack of class or social bearing, uses his exhibitionism to bring him attention. Sociopath is bloody bang on.
  6. OoO, Internet tough guy!!!! OUR forum?? S'cuse me? I do believe I'm a Brother For Life too mate, and with enough posts to know the character of a great many more posters than you. As for shame? Seriously? I'm a full blown Scot and I make NO apologies for anything I say or type. And since you made physical threats, you should be modded. I take the piss and speak my mind quite often, and sometimes the crybabies cry, sometimes they just wave me off as me being me, but at least I have the bollocks tae speak my mind lad. Brotherhood is like brothers in real life, if ye cannae tell your brother he's acting a twat, then you must be quite the lamb. Now quit crying and be a man.
  7. I couldn't give a toss about the bloody kilt/skirt, it's more about the manner of wearing.
  8. The ONLY reason to wear a kilt/skirt THAT short by a man, is to provide a view of the danglies to unsuspecting people. That is simple exhibitionism, and while that is fine amongst like minded people, it is clear that it is meant to shock and violate the unsuspecting VICTIM's rights. It has nowt to do with bravery, since when it is brave to expose your genitalia to those that do not wish to see it? I also find it fascinating that so many will defend that sort of perverted behaviour...but I guess the webb (sorry, meant Web...or did I?) is full of perverts and predators.
  9. Even though I'm a devout Anglican...I only pray when i'm pissed tae the gills, or give me thumb a good bash with something heavy.