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  1. Nice job on that jacket. It really looks good.
  2. Very nice. Nice work AND you were lucky enough to find jackets with that much potential in the first place
  3. Good Luck and you should be pleased with the fact that you can actually GO back to school. I spent 19 years at night to get a Bachelors degree............it would have been infinitely more fun had I been able to do it full time. Give it hell.
  4. I found a product that might help in the fight against rust. It's called EVAPO-RUST and you can get it in AUTOZONE stores. This stuff dissolves rust, but doesn't touch the underlying steel. I wouldn't touch an abrasive of any kind to this blade until I used this stuff and then I could see what damage I was going to do. If you google EVAPO-RUST, you can find the manufacturer and see if they have picked up another distributor since I last went looking for the stuff which was about 6 months ago.
  5. I'm trying to pick myself up from the floor right now. That is hysterical!!
  6. I'm relatively new here, so I'm just glad to meet all of you. You seem like a fun group. Shame we don't all live a little closer to each other.
  7. Yeah ................that IS good beer. You sound like me when I first tried Rauchbier at Blue Smoke in Manhattan. I saw it on the menu and I asked the waitress about it and she said "well it kind of tastes like bacon." Beer that tastes like BACON? .....how could a beverage possibly be any more perfect? Well I tried that stuff and I was in love! My beer love is very fickle though.....it changes it's mind from week to week. My son in law and I are now brewing our own and the size of our hobby is growing by the day. We have 8 gallons of IPA going right now that should be ready for bottling in about 4 days. If you think kilting is addictive, wait till you try homebrewing beer.
  8. Wow Darrell, I do believe the next kilt I buy will be one of yours......not because of the guarantee, but because of your apparently boundless magnanimity. Kudos to you!
  9. Lexol leather conditioner. You can get it in an auto supply store because it's packaged for use on leather seats. It comes in a bottle, but I get it in the individual wipe form and use it on my motorcycle seat & saddlebags. Good stuff.
  10. Without a doubt.....THE best concert that I've been to was Led Zeppelin in Madison Square Garden 1975 for the Houses of the Holy tour. That was the one that was filmed and became the movie "The song remains the same." Everything else pales in comparison.
  11. Congratulations. Nice house........and a garage too! I'm jealous..........my motorcycle still sits in the driveway.