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  1. I own 7 of their casuals. If you ever wanted a deal and a half on worsted wool casual kilts this is it. Absolutely top of the line workmanship. And most of the wool is from Lochcarron of Scotland. Margarette and Lindsay, the owners, are great folks. Darrell
  2. Jim and Hutch thank you for your encouragement. I didn't realize the Kilted Heart section was still open because per my request I've been removed as an Official Merchant of the Brotherhood. Requirements for being listed as an official merchant state that you give a 10% discount on all your products to BotK members. That would apply whether a member requested the discount or not. As Kilt retailers we are in a different situation as compared to merchants who manufacture and retail their products. We have to work with smaller profit margins. We have recently been put in a situation were one of our kilt product lines had a price cut on their retail price that would force us to sell at a loss because of the cost of the inventory we purchased. So we had to make a decision of staying here as an official merchant and selling the product at a loss, or withdrawing from our official merchant status. We are also expanding into products that by contract we cannot sell below the manufacturer's advertised price. That in itself negates being an official merchant of the brotherhood. Other products we plan to sell will have less than a 10% markup in order to compete. Bottom line is we had to pull out. But we'll still be selling kilts, and expanding on the brands and quantities of kilts we sell. Thanks again for your encouragement. Darrell
  3. I'm selling 3 used Amerikilts as a combo deal for only $100. They are all Waist 48 Length 24. All were purchased for marketing at Kilted Heart on 3/20/09. You get one black, one khaki, and one olive. This is a pretty good deal if you're a size 48. Also, this will be my last post in the Kilted Heart section. With regret, Kilted Heart will no longer be able to honor the 10% discount to Brotherhood of the Kilt Members. This is do to the our wholesale costs + inbound freight costs, compared to the retail price we must charge to be competitive. On some existing products, as well as products we plan to offer, our markup is less than 10%. So with regret, I have requested that Kilted Heart be removed from kiltsrock.com. We have enjoyed being listed as an official merchant, and perhaps we can return sometime in the future. Darrell
  4. I agree that the Amerikilt would be easier because it's 8.5 ounce cotton compared to 11 oz. polyvicose for the USA Casual. I own both and was comparing by folding over the bottoms. Did they leave the sewn down pleate edge in tact on the folded over portion of your USA Casual when they hemmed the bottom? Darrell
  5. A clarification. If a product is already marked down by 10% or more, BotK members can still get an additional 10% off in addition to the sale price. I do this even if it means that I just break even - it pays the overhead. Darrell
  6. I've added some new products at Kilted Heart - acrylic kilts, used like new Utilikilts, sporrans, kilt pins flashes, and other apparel. All is eligible for BotK for 10% discount. 22 oz. military wool kilts have been dropped to $295 plus get free shipping. The acrylic kilts are a bulk purchase from Frugal Corner. They're the lightweights. Sorted through them all and have different price ranges - all below Frugal Corner prices. I will be stocking Bilt Kilt Solids and Wools. I'm waiting on inventory (about 4 weeks away) but you can preorder now if you like. All the wools are box pleated Isle of Skye with removable pockets, and made from 13 oz. worsted wool from Lochcarron of Scotland. The other apparel is a work in progress but will have shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, coats, women's skirts, etc. If it's not marked below retail it's because I'm bound by manufacturer's contract to the list at the MSRP price. However BotK members can get the 10% discount. For instance, I have some pricey Nantucket Brand sweaters including some in 100% cashmere that sell for $225. BotK members can get them for $225 -10% = 202.50, plus I'll pick up the tab for shipping. I'll have the women's versions of these listed shortly - a nice Christmas present for you wife or girlfriend. or ladies a nice present for your husband. My goal for Kilted Heart is to continuously expand the range of kilts and kilt accessories, and at the same time diversify into other product lines. That said, I'll offer the lowest price possible plus honor the BotK discount on ALL products, unless strictkly prohibited by the manufacturer. Darrell
  7. I thought about that. I'm almost 63. And last week I had a day wear it felt like I was having hot flashes. I though I was running a temperature, but it was 98.6. The kilt hose I put on were a wool blend. Darrell
  8. I'm always happy to hear about folks that are allowed to wear a kilt at work. Jobs that require a uniform or jobs where the kilt would be a safety issue are a different story. Certainly companies have a right to establish codes for what is acceptable attire. But IMHO, the kilt is perfectly acceptable male attire. Darrell
  9. I had a strange thing happen yesterday. The temperatures were in the high 70's so I put on an Olive Amerikilt and my black BotK t-shirt. All started out fine. I was completely comfortable. We left the air on in the house set at 76. Around noon my legs started getting cold. Even outside with the temps in the high 70's and hardly any wind at all. So I put on kilt hose and changed into a 5 yard, 16 oz. wool kilt. Legs were still freezing, but my torso with just the t-shirt was fine. So I changed into a 22 oz. wool military kilt. This warmed me up to the point that I became hot, so I changed back into my olive Amerikilt and pushed the kilt hose down. I was fine the rest of the day even when the temperatures dropped off in the evening. Through it all I had bee comfortable with just the t-shirt. Never had anything like this happen before. Anyone else experienced something similar? Darrell
  10. If anyone's interested, I've put 3 Bilt Kilts up for auction on my eBay store. I have an eBay store named Kilted Heart as well as my regular website sote Kilted Heart. The Bilt Kilt were purchased for marketing photos and have each only been worn 2 times. They are all boxed pleated and tailored to be worn at traditional kilt waist. There is a denim, a steel grey, and a stone. All are 24 inch length. All labeled as waist 48, however the Stone colored one is tight fitting. I measured it and found out it's more like a 46 waist, and I'm selling it as a 46. Starting bid is $85 on each, and these currently retail around $185. They are in brand new condition. Here is a link to my the eBay version of Kilted Heart. Kilted Heart on eBay. Darrell
  11. I'm really happy you like the kilt. And thanks for the recommendation. I operate our business (Kilted Heart) based on how I would like to be treated if I were the customer. kiltedpresbyterian is right, the Alpha Kilts are really well made. They are an Alpha as in "Alpha Male" among contemporary kilts. With 10 layers of material underneath the aprons they feel nearly bullet proof, and when you sit down the aprons drop right between your legs. Daron did a terrific job in designing the Alpha Kilt. Darrell
  12. I've been thinking about this for a long time. There are some signs of economic recovery, but unemployment always seem to lag behind. Last I heard, US unemployment is predicted to hit 10% or more by the end of 2009. In some states such as Michigan it's already at 14%. So I'm going to do something about that on any kilt or kilt accessory purchases. If you are a US resident and buy a kilt or kilt accessory from Kilted Heart and wind up loosing your job, I'm going to give you a 100% refund + an additional 25%. In addition, you get to keep the kilt or accessory. It will be effective for one year from the date of purchase, and you'll get a written signed and dated guarantee with your purchase. All I need is a copy of your pink slip or whatever document that you were given. I'll send you a check by next day priority mail because the thing you need is cash when you lose your job. I've been there and know what it feels like to have the rug pulled out from under you. The company that I worked for 10 years ago built a plant in Mexico just the other side of the Texas border. When that plant became operational my job went with it. If you're a Botk member, your membership will help you even more. Let's say you bought an Alpha Kilt. I'm selling them for $143.10. With your BotK membership you got it for $128.79. However, the refund I'll send you will be based on $143.10 + 25% = $178.88. Plus you keep the kilt. If the cash you get back helps put groceries on the table, helps pay the utilities in the winter, or means the difference between getting a sick child to the doctor or not, It's my pleasure to do this. Plus if your guarantee has passed the expiration date, and you're really hurting, I'll probably wipe the tears from my eyes and send you the refund anyway. I'm going to be offering this guarantee to US residents until the unemployment rate in the US drops below 8%. The only thing that would void the guarantee is if Kilted Heart is forced out of business. Currently we are well capitalized to weather this recession. Darrell
  13. The 8th anniversary of 9/11 is fast approaching, and I'm giving a free US patriotic t-shirt with the purchase of any Amerikilt or Alpha Kilt. These are vary nice t-shirt that cost around $22-$23 dollars if you purchase them from Cafe Press. I'm able to ship the kilt and t-shirt in one package via USPS priority mail 2-3 day in the US. The American made Amerikilts and Alpha Kilts combined with one of these shirts is a nice way to show your patriotism as well as support for our troops on 9/11. If you are a Brotherhood of the Kilt Member I give a 10% discount, so you can get an Amerikilt plus the t-shirt for $88.20, or an Alpha Kilt Endinburgh plus the t-shirt for $128.79. It's a pretty good deal, and I'm actually not making any money on it. As a Vietnam Vet, I'm more interested in selling this combo to get a few kilted folks wearing it on 9/11, as I will be doing myself. Darrell
  14. One thing that has always bothered me as a consumer is that if I order something from a company on the internet and need to return it for whatever reason (wrong size, defects in material, workmanship, etc.) I have to pay the return shipping. I had to do that just recently on a kilt that I ordered for myself that was defective. Why should I have to pay for something that is not my fault? probably many of you feel the same way. So, as a merchant, I've decided that I'm not going to do this to my customer if they need to make a return. I've revised the policy at Kilted Heart. We'll refund the full purchase price and also reimburse the customer the shipping charges to return the item provided we're sent a copy of the return shipping cost. To me if you say you guarantee 100% satisfaction (which we do) this is part of it. Darrell