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  1. Thanks Bike. Will let you know when we get them. And what we think of them It will be my first new bike in over 25 years. The last one being a Schwinn Sierra that is still in exlcent shape for the age.
  2. The Saying goes "Show me a jack of all trades and a master of none and I will show you a man whose tolite flushes when you press the garage door opener"
  3. No do not have the bikes yet. The one for the wife should be here on Fri and the one I want will be in a couple of weeks. Here is what we are looking at Under Recreation mine is the citizen 1 and for the wife Boss Crusier 7 Step through. Any comments would be appreciated
  4. Glad to hear you are doing good. Have fun with the house hunting with the kids. We are on our third week of being in the new house and still have lots of boxes to unpack but we are getting there. Have fun with the kids.
  5. Thanks for the reply. The last bike i bought for my self and still have is a Schwinn Sierra bought around 85. So I think I am ready for a new bike. I like shopping locally if I can. I like the looks of the bikes and the price is about what i want to spend. I plan and putting a few miles on the bike this summer. So I think we will be happy with these bikes.
  6. Wife and I are looking to buy new bikes for causal riding and she want to ride back and forth to work. The local bike shop wants to sell us Jamis bikes. Has anybody heard of them? Doing a search for them they have good reviews Thanks Bob
  7. Let us also remember those Policemen and firemen that gave their life in the line of Duty.
  8. not sure what happened but no photos.
  9. looks good like the pockets and the way attach. with the pockets off it gives a clean look. I think I might have found my next kilt. Let us know when its in the store.
  10. Good Luck with the move. We are moving too. Our date is June 10th after the kids get out of school. Then to sell our house. we are spending the next week packing the house. I never know I had so much stuff.
  11. Does anybody have one that is Kilt related? If so where did you find it. I just took the one off that the dealer put on they already have there sticker in the corner of the tailgate.
  12. I am waiting on a pair of Keen Glarus.. Bought them from Zappos for $112 regular price is $160. will let you know when I get them how I like them,
  13. Wish I could join you but I its a bit of a drive for me and we are skiing Sat have fun