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  1. Has left the "brotherhood"

  2. Word of caution from Samuel Johnson who said, "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scroundrel." In recent years I've seen people losing there minds over flag pins or the lack thereof, birth certificates, bowing to foriengn leaders, as Nixon did in China and know, the guy who gave us Pearl Habor. All blathering on, damming liberals, cursing our Commander and Chief, all claiming to be great Patriots. Quoting, usally out of context, the words of true Patriots. Men who didn't talk they acted. Dr. Johnson further his words with,"Let us take a patriot, where we can meet him; and, that we may not flatter ourselves by false appearances, distinguish those marks which are certain, from those which may deceive; for a man may have the external appearance of a patriot, without the constituent qualities; as false coins have often lustre, though they want weight."
  3. Thank you very much for your generous offer. Please take care of Kilted Reverend, he has been waiting for a very long time. I not really concerned about the things I was waiting for, just wanted to give an example of what I have seen as double standards being appied at BOTK. I'm afraid the way Daron was treated broke it for me. He was stupid to even try to get what the Brotherhood demanded for the price they were willing to pay. Well woven wool alone would have cost more than $100. per kilt.We ordered burgers from McDonalds and then some were pissed that they didn't get steak. Some of his 'Brothers" ,even some sitting on the council, called him every name in the book and one even threatened him . I was in Daron's kitchen when he and Brittany argued with the folks in Pakistan trying to get the long overdue order. They both worked long and hard trying to do something good for the group. I lost a lot of respect for KT when he turned on him too. With an operating budget of less than $3000. for the lot, it's not like Daron could have flown off to Pakistan and checked out the mill or the factory. He and we were flying blind. We got the quality that we paid for. If you buy a dress from the dollar store you have no right to expect it to be the same quality as one from Saks. Instead of owning a part in what was a fools errand, many were quick to turn on Daron, blacken his name and run him off from BOTK. Brotherhood...I don't think so. In the year I was a part of BOTK, it seems the strongest brothers on this site were...Sisters. The site has taken a turn for the worse, imho, if anyone tips one of the sacred cows he is scorned. I don't need that and will not have it. Thank you for you friendship, but I feel I can no longer be a part of this group. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity....WB Yeats
  4. Selfish to want what you've paid for....really??? Have I got stuf to sell you!
  5. Male Bovine Scat! The package is what's offer, nothing is said about give us money for band width and when we get around to it we'll give you a lovely ty gift. I also joined looking for a brotherhood, something I've been missing since I hung up my colors. What I found was some back-stabbing gossipy people. I have watched as a good friend had his name drug through the mud for trying to do the "brotherhood" a favor. His company was taken off merchant status, even though he was not getting kilts as a company, he was solely acting on behalf of the group, foolishly, he agreed to find kilt , wool, in our tartan and bring them in for $100. When you got what you paid for, you got all mercenary and starting whining about how your "brother" had ripped you off. On two different sites I watched as he was slandered and threatened by his "Brothers". Same situation, different vendor, now people wanting what they paid for is an unexceptable mercenary attitude. While I feel for KT and the issues he has been dealing with, I don't recall any of you fine "brothers" asking Daron if there were any issues in his life. If this is your idea of "brotherhood" I can do with out it.
  6. I have not recieved my renewal package that was ordered on 02/10/10. Looking at the number of disatisfied Kiltsrock shoppers, I would think that if the same standards that were applied to Alphakilts were appiled here, Kiltsrock would be excluded as a vendor.
  7. Welcome back, KT. I understand your pain. I sang Amazing Grace at my father's funeral, kilt, in Arkansas. Worse, we had been estranged since 1982. He never believed that my life had changed, because his hadn't. I buried a 22 year coin from AA with him.
  8. And a fine looking lad ye are...the other fella's green shoes are a bit off-putting however!
  9. Anyone have sources for non-wool kilt hose?
  10. I won that one! It's on the way! I ain't crazy! Show ya the other stuff after!
  11. Found this on ebay so I thought I'd beef up my arsenal.
  12. coinneach

    Kiltology #80

    Kt, put all of these pearls of Kilted Wisdom into a book, publish, sell on'd make a mint!
  13. Just read about the lady almost running someone over looking at your legs. hahahaha. Good story. :D

  14. coinneach

    A Great Feeling

    Makes great stuff! Proud owner of Turpin #97!