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  1. When I was in Delaware we were right across the boarder from Rising Sun, MD, a big Klan hot spot. When I was kilted and the asshats would come over, rebel flag flying out the back of their pickup, I bore about as much insult as anyone with the audacity to do something like be black. Here in Lambertville however . . . well, I am far from the most flamboyantly dressed, so no one really pays me any attention.
  2. You knew that without Googling them yourself? Good for you. The point I am making is that not everyone they pick has made sense to everyone. Before everyone managed to swing this to a "Bah I hate Obama" thread, which is what it has turned into, I wanted to soothe some brows with the idea that "Sometimes a Peace Prize is just a Peace Prize, not" . . . what is the rolling claim? That it is creeping global socialism? Idol worship? (an amusing accusation considering the source). A waste of 1.5 Million? I don't know. But whatever you WANT it to be, it's just a Peace Prize guys, they give them out every year. To Yassir Arafat.
  3. Homecoming falls on Halloween this year, so I won't be too scary . . . unless you have the nerve to let me see you wearing anything from James Madison U. Or anything purple for that matter.
  4. I think everyone knows my politics are a little . . . different from most everyone else's here. I mean I am no huge fan of the guy, he wasn't even my third pick, but still I am going to mix equal parts respectful opposition with devil's advocate. Here goes. At least he seemed confused by it as well. I don't think anyone expected it to go to him. But we forget that they do hand the thing out every year. Not everyone who gets it is Ghandi or MLK. Some of them are Joseph Rotblat or David Trimble. Who are they? Nobel Peace Prize winners. What did they do? I have no clue. But if they did enough, Obama surely did too.
  5. What if there is more than one crest in a single picture? Are we counting crests or pictures with crests?
  6. Well that may have answered my question. I was pondering whether 7 would flop like Vista. My thought process here is that the people to tested Vista said it was amazing, but the type of people who test an os before release tend to have better computers than the average consumer. When "real" people got Vista it was slow, a resource hog, and well . . . Windows Vista, since they didn't have the powerful machines the testers had. Now 7 is getting a lot of hype from the testers, so I am curious to see what it does on a "real" computer.
  7. When I was still on the job market, the listing that put the idea in my head to sell cars was actually a Subaru-Kia dealership. Now as much as I would have enjoyed selling Subarus (and the employee discount for my next ride), I really would rather sell Toyotas. You don't need to convince people as much since everyone knows what they are and that they last forever.
  8. After months of hunting, I am employed! I started training a few weeks ago, and as of last night at 10:30 I have sold two cars at my new job! Lawrence Toyota-Scion near Princeton, NJ. So, I am just saying, if you live in the Mid-Atlantic region, are in the need for reliable transportation, and feel like walking into a showroom kilted, I can hook you up. jim
  9. jpo


    I honestly avoid Wal-Mart like it is the plauge. Maybe it is just because of what I shop for, but the prices are usually worse than any competitors. That said sometimes it is just 3AM and you need some undershirts. I found myself in the Elkton, MD Wal-Mart quite a bit during college, and I think only two of those times were not between the hours of midnight and six AM. Boy were there some interesting customers. I am 99% sure that James Brown's tragically obese sister was there at 2:30AM, buying about 4,000 bras. Crazy. jim
  10. Is it really that difficult to find? In my experience (DE, PA, and Jersey) it isn't the most common beer, but I would say more places have it than don't. Now for the important question. Which sauce at BWW?
  11. You have to make it significantly stronger than when hot in order for it to taste right. I think the directions say 1-3 Tbs, and 3 works best for me. As ever though, your mileage may vary.
  12. I can't stand coffee, personally. As such my wake up drink has always been tea. I drink it black, I drink it strong, and I drink a lot of it. After getting myself some Irish Breakfast (Republic of Tea makes a good one, but Twinnings is stronger and, thus, better) friends would often mock my drink choice. Then when I point out that they aren't drinking coffee, they are drinking Orange Mocha Frappichinos, their only comeback is "well that's different". Anyway! AKG: My personal favorites are the aforementioned Twinning's Irish Breakfast, and Republic of Tea's Chai*. Both are strong black teas, and I am told their flavor profile is strong enough that all but the most hard core of coffee drinkers will find something they like. *Chai is NOT just a splash of black tea mixed with milk, honey, and a cup of sugar. Republic's Chai is a black tea blend with cinnamon, cloves, and a whole bunch of other spices that escape me right now. Looking for something lighter? I am a big fan of Roobis teas, which have already been mentioned. Their flavor stands out better than green tea in relation to the fruit flavors that are often added to both. Pappy's Sassafras is good stuff. Not a fan of it hot, but cold it is a fabulous drink.