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  1. Huh, I just sent my first PM that wasn't a reply to someone elses PM. Took me 5 minutes to find the compose message and Puffer was the recipient. To AKG, sorry I hijacked your thread bro, ... my apologies, .... Mark
  2. I have not dropped names and will not when it comes to certain ones, but you have the right incident. Your exact words to me was "I have my fair of problems with ___________ myself, but I don't want to get in the middle of this. Try ......... " To me, that IS a shut down, and I also had SEVERAL conversations with KT about the same person at least 10 times about the same instance as well as others. Also, as far as hearing it from a PM or from others, .... I truly resent that because I only know what I have seen with personal interaction with that person and a few others. I am not going off of anyone elses say, I am going off of WHAT I KNOW with FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE!!! And you wonder why people are leaving???Un-frikkin believable!!!
  4. Its kind of like a pimple on your ass, ... it starts out as a red spot, then it get sore, .... the next thing you know it swells up, ... then it swells up more and fills with puss. The only thing you can do is try to get rid of it at one shot, because if you don't it will get bigger and fester more until you have to have it surgically removed or you have an infection throughout your whole body!!! That is why so many people are reacting like this, they just want rid of the pain and the puss, ... it has been too long with little or no action!!!! FYI, I am currently writing to IE Scotsman. I will at least extend that courtesy!!! It may take an hour or two to write it though!!!
  5. I too feel very much like AKG, and I have been pulling back the last couple of months because of the insistent BS!!! The constant conspiracy theories, the back-biting and the false accusations against me and several of my friends and/or those I respect have left me disillusioned about BotK. I have already dropped a lot of time from BotK going from being on the forum 3-4 times a day to 1-2 times a week, sometimes once every two weeks, and I believe that I may just say screw it and leave for several different reasons. I know most of you are saying no great loss, and you are probably right. I watched as certain people jumped on other people I truly respect and the moderators put up with it, I have watched as the conspiracy theorists spew their vile on this forum and spread lies of things I KNEW were untrue because I happened to be on some of those incidents, I watched as one of my friends got screwed over by one specific merchant (note: almost all merchants are great on BotK) and it took forever for someone to get involved, and I have watched as there have been clicks formed that have run many good people like AKG and others off. When I came to BotK, I researched it, just like I did X-Marks and other forums. X-Marks turned me off because of the “click” I observed that they had going on, and now I see it here as well. Just like X-Marks, I have seen the moderators take the side of the jerks rather than trying to do their job and be independent!!! Perhaps someone else doesn’t have the balls to say this but by God I do!!! If KT doesn’t grow a set and take control, if the mods do not pull their head out of the dark space between their legs, and if certain people (on both sides, not just one side) are not put in their place, this place will be worse off than all the rest of the kilt forums!!! I don’t expect this post to stay up long, because we all know if you are telling the truth, it hurts and those that are wrong will remove it from the board. For those that do not like what I said, feel free to kiss my FAT SCOTISH ……..
  6. Trust me puffer, ... Utah County is very different, ... I live here and it sucks!!! One of the reasons I am looking to relocate!!!, ... Mark
  7. I live in Utah, and just for the record I am not Mormon. As an outsider looking in, I find different reactions from different classes of people here. When I say different classes, I do not mean socioeconomic classes, but rather a deriviative of church classes. There are three very different church classes in my opinion, there are; 1) Those who are not from here but moved here for religious reasons-These people are usually very accepting of kilts and diferrent people. 2) Those who were born and raised in Utah-These people vary wildly on their acceptance of the kilt, some do accept it and some look down their nose at you. 3) Those who were born and raised here in Utah and their family back 10 generations were the first to come to Utah pulling handcarts-These people often look down on group one and two, and they usually do not accept kilts except in special circumstances like parades. Everyday use is looked upon VERY negatively and a modern kilt is considered a dress and cross-dressing. If you wear a tartan kilt, I find an acceptance of at least 5 times as much. That is the vast majority of the way I am viewed wearing a kilt in Utah, which by the way 58% of Utahans are active in the LDS Church. It should be noted that this is not 100% the way it is viewed, but it generally holds true to the way described, ... Mark
  8. Is that ROn (Riverkilt) in the center picture??? Way cool!!!
  9. As some of you know, I am attending university working towards SEVERAL levels of degrees in Public Safety with an Emergency Management specialization. Because of the Public Safety involvement, I have had to take 4 ethics classes so far, and I am told there will be four more before I get my PhD. In one of those classes, we studied a thing called the Divine Command Theory of ethics, where-by a named Mortimer is a proponent that ethics is religion based and another philosopher, Arthur, does not believe ethics are faith based. I believe the same holds true for politicians, ... after all, isn't that our concern, ... their ethics. I copied and pasted the assignment below, but remember it is a philosophy class, so it is not standard reading; Clearly identify the views and arguments in the Arthur and Mortimer readings. Mortimer believes and is a proponent that ethics is based on Gods word, or as it is called in the book, Divine Command. He believes that what “What God tells us to do is right; what he forbids is wrong” (Sommers p77). He goes on to discuss that God (or the belief and following of God) “…gives the believer a sense of purpose and a moral philosophy.” Through such references, it is very obvious that Mortimer’s belief in ethics is strongly and singularly rooted in his Christian faith and that morals are only born of religious beliefs. However Arthur is a proponent that ethics is not based in religion, although he doesn’t totally refute the possible existence of God’s or God and even states that religion might even play a roll in ethics. In his writings he does however say “ far from religion being necessary for people to do the right thing, it often gets in the way.” (Sommers p81) He believes that religion does not need morality and morality does not need religion” In other words, his view is that religion is not needed to provide morals or ethics and moreover often serves to confuse. Use critical reasoning to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Arthur’s and Mortimer’s views and arguments in the context of the question. The main strength of Mortimer is that he forms a moral basis from the ethics of religion that religions guide us and gives us our boundaries. His beliefs are that ethics are written in black and white, and he is convinced that if he follows those teachings, he will lead an ethical and moral life. The weakness in his train of thought is that devoid of a Christian Religion and the guidance of the bible, many civilizations still lived ethical lives, and had ethical societies, even by Western Standards even though they are devoid of Christian teaching. The main strength Arthur’s belief is the same as the weakness of Mortimer’s; devoid of a Christian Religion and the guidance of the bible, many civilizations still lived ethical lives, and had ethical societies, even by Western Standards. If there had not been those ethics then this argument would be invalid, however he has proven his point to some extent. The weakness in Arthur’s argument is that there is substantial and overwhelming belief that Divine Command, at the very least, enhances the ethics of those around them. Rather than relying on utilitarianism those individuals have a set guidance that they should and most likely live by and follow. Compare and contrast the views of Arthur and Mortimer. Arthur’s contention that tomorrow God might change the rules and then "even the greatest atrocities" would be "morally required if God were to demand them." (Sommers p81)” is easily defendable by Mortimer by his beliefs. The simple answer is buried in that same word of God that Mortimer stands by and is supposedly beheld to. In the Holy Bible it says “Jesus Christ (is) the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” (Hebrews 13:8). Furthermore, religious based ethics are often, if not always based on divine love. Would a God of divine love require unethical atrocities? According to Mortimer’s definition of Divine Command this could never happen but Arthur disagrees. Arthur on the other hand has a contention that morality is based on the behavior of others. According to Arthur if a person witnesses an assault and despises that assault they begin forming a basis for morality. If this is so, then do we need to see someone be assaulted or murdered before we consider it unethical, or are we born with this? Furthermore he contends that religious beliefs interfere often with morality in such issues as abortion, the death penalty and becomes a hindrance. Clearly state personal opinion, based on the analyses captured in the previous points Has history ever seen a God from any religion change the rules to allow any atrocities? Nay, it has never happened that God has done that. There have been those who use and abuse the word of God and religions to meet their own selfish unethical means and we need not look far to see those people. Having said this, I look specifically to the United States that was formed under the auspice of “One Nation under God” and the Constitution (and most laws) of our country was actually written with Divine Command as the basis for the ethics. It is my belief that not all ethics can come from Divine Command, but it can be a large and major backbone of ethics. In some cases it takes other than Godly ethics to cover all circumstances. In my opinion both have good and bad points, and both are correct and incorrect. Do we need to follow one or the other belief to be moral or should it be some combination? I believe that Arthurs view is skewed because he perhaps is an atheist? His contention about God shows his selfish beliefs and shows a lack of understanding of the Bible. I personally do not believe that ethics are complety derived from religion, but I contend that religion does not hurt it either. References: Rachels, J. (2003). The elements of moral philosophy (4th ed.) (Pgs77, 81). New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 0-07-247690-7. Sommers, C., & Sommers, F. (2007). Vice and virtue in everyday life: Introductory readings in ethics (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson. ISBN: 0495130060. The Holy Bible. KJV
  10. Not really Jack, ... in fact I am hoping none pop up, ... LOL
  11. Sorry, but one step closer to home was so good, ... I had to pull out the banjo and play along. Unfortunately I didn't think it enhanced the song like I had hoped, but your music is kick arse!!!
  12. Interesting indeed. As far as our family history goes, we lost many family members who fought with Robert the Bruce. I haven't found any on the opposite side, ... YET!
  13. Arse Parkin Pub (I love that one!!!) Sword and Shield House of Sgian Dubh Auld Blether (Old Chatter) Blether and Girn Place (Chatter and Complain) Haste Ye Back (Come back soon) Non Hochamagandy (No sex) Guttered Place (Inverness Scotish for Drunk) Poggled (Scotish for Drunk) Pissed and Broke The Scotish Kilt Scotch and Ale Yill Warld (Ale World) I can think of a bunch of them, but this should be a good start, ... LOL, ... Mark
  14. I get my kilt hose and I bought a cheap Sporran from him. The kilt hose are great quality, ... the sporran is functional but not a Wyvern. Overall for starting out, ... it works. Overall great price and fast shipping with good to great quality, ... Mark