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  1. It is true: the only thing waterproof is a frog's ear.
  2. Dittos on Rocky's kilts, and customer communication. Some day I will visit, probably this October when the leaves are beautifu and the kids are in school.
  3. Yeah, buddy. Those are fantastic. I have got to have another!
  4. I am late, but not too late! Congratulations, Jim, for reaching your goal. God bless you.
  5. Mark, my thoughts and prayers are with you and all of Turpin's family. No words suffice. However, we all knew Turpin, and have fond memories of him. And so the spirit of Turpin stays with us even now. Turpin was supposed to come up here to see me at the end of the month, and bring his road-kill otter. We were to skin it, and tan the hide so that he could make a sporran from the skin. I shall miss him, deeply.
  6. Yes, this stout is fantastic. They make another stout- "...espresso stout" and it is not nearly as good as the Imperial stout.
  7. The tried-and-true scattergun is the Remington 870 pump. There never has been a more reliable firearm. Make it 19.5 inches, and remove the plug. Make a cool stand that keeps it standing right by the bedpost. Don't forget:keep one downstairs front, downstairs back, and upstairs. That kind of home security is worth every penny.
  8. tyger

    Bummed Out

    I empathize completely, Jim. I too find myself leaving the kilt behind, for personal reasons related to the way I have been treated by others who would have us believe that they are kilt-oriented when, in fact, they are money-oriented.. I have been doing some geneology. Along the way, I cannot help but contemplate the moral, cultural, and economic decline that we are suffering. And the reason for it all. Once we were a country much different than the one we have now. At one time, our people took pride in being independent and self-sufficient. One thing sticks in my craw every time I hear it: 46 million people are on food stamps, and the vast majority of them are either overweight or obese, yet the TV, radio, and newspapers tell us that 1 in 6 Americans are "hungry." I am bummed out, too.
  9. "Social justice" means you get what you deserve. I think this is the link: http://www.news9.com/category/116601/video-page?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=7540482
  10. For 3 years, I lived in an Islamic country where the practice of any religion, other than Islam, was strictly forbidden. I have read the Koran. Most non-muslims simply do not understand that Islam is not just a religion. Islam is a way of life. It is family, work, play, and country. It is everything. Beware: Islam preaches intolerance and hatred of all who are not muslim. Islam promises and delivers suppression and death to those who do not submit.
  11. Jorg, I love the way that your pin looks. I too think that you made a wise choice in metal color as the bronze serves to accent the colors of the tartan. Here are a couple of pictures that show some pins that I have made. I am a veterinarian, and this work is a hobby for me. So I do it when I can get the time. The metal coating can be brass, bronze, copper, pewter, and silver, or combinations of all of those. At 2.5 inches diameter, these pins are large enough to be noticed, however, they are surprisingly light and weigh just under 1 ounce. I worked to make pins that echoed the designs of my 3.5 inch diameter belt buckles. Solid metal pins wind up being just too heavy. Metal coating was the answer! The knot design is popular. You might see other designs at www.tygerforge.com . Metal-on-clay pins, 2.5 inches diameter, 1 ounce Popular designs include but are not limited to:
  12. Jorg, your photographs are excellent in all ways. Please do post a picture of the pin.
  13. Wow. That is a first-class garment from start to finish. Congratulations, man. I think that gold thread is simply fine. The other colors are excellent too, but I just love the gold. Maybe some day I can have a tartan woven for me. It is sure worth the contemplation, and anticipation. Very excellent, Jorg
  14. Dittos on Eric's carvings. They are unique and fun. So is Eric! I too like pins that are unique, originals. A few of these kilt pins are for sale at the Scottish Tartans Museum Gift Shop in Franklin, NC. Read more about them here: http://www.kiltsrock.com/forum/topic/17142-metallic-kilt-pins-and-shawl-pins/ Here is a picture to whet your appetitie. Enjoy.