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  1. I haven't been to that ren fair in a long, long time. Wish I could make it down. Be sure to take lots of pics while you're having fun!
  2. This, right here, is key! Plus you posted it to FB. That's like a promise, right? Or someone triple-dog daring you! You're going to have a great day!
  3. I shall now recite for your pleasure some vogon poetry...
  4. The Hobbit. Next up, Ender's Game series. Because I'm suffering a verbal beatdown from a few friends for not reading it yet!
  5. I think you have made a good choice. I have had my Keen's now for just over three years and put many miles on them. My next pair will very likely be the same.
  6. I'm thinking about the same thing Eugene. I know they can be made for .308 and many other calibers. Some require bolt modification and some do not, from what I've read anyhow. Don't know if I'd like that "california grip" on that or not. Looks a bit awkward to me but having never held one... Maybe if it had a thumbhole? Since I got my little Savage Mk II .22 with a thumbhold stock I'm thinking of converting a few of my other rifles to it. So comfortable!
  7. That sucks man! Well the "silver lining" might be that it can only go up from here... Here's hoping! For myself, nothing really new yet.
  8. Fantastic! I really want to see it in person someday.
  9. I voted yes but I had a thought. Perhaps a backstory for some of the entries but not all? Some seem to stand on their own very well. Just an idea. I guess it comes down to how much writing you want to do.
  10. I'm sorry I missed it! I hope you had a great day!
  11. Wow! Can't imagine the work that went into that piece...
  12. My thoughts are with you and your family Tony.