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Measuring for one of my kilts

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As the kilts I make are measured, cut and worn, differently than some other makers, I've been asked by some customers to explain how I get the measurements I need for ordering one of the kilts I make.

Ok, you'll need a fabric (tailors) tape measure. They are $2 at Walmart in the sewing section. GET ONE!

Start at the belly button. You place the end of the tape with the smaller numbers directly in front of your belly button. Place your finger on top of it as if you are trying to push it in there. Now, going either direction, wrap it around your torso so it comes back to the belly button. This will be the line I'll use as the WAISTLINE measurement or the top of the kilt. I do NOT add a rise from this point unless asked to do so. (Remember where this line falls around your sides as it will be the starting point for the LENGTH measurement) Pull it snug enough so that it doesn't slip but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.

This is NOT your jeans waistline like a Utilikilt uses nor as high as a kilt with a RISE.

The next one is easier. The HIPS are simply the widest portion of your ass. Do the same wrap around measuring as the waistline but be sure to slide it up and down a bit to make sure you got the largest area. Then, once you think you have it, bend over at the waist a bit. Sometimes this increases the measurement almost an inch. (Depending on your size, I'll probably add an inch to whatever you send me anyway)

Last one is a bit tricky to do by yourself. If you have a friend or someone who can help, do this. YOU stand straight and have the starting end of the measuring tape hanging from where you put the waistline, then have the second person tell you where the tape crosses the middle of your knee cap. Do this from the side (love handle area), not the front.

If you are solo, start the same but kneel down on both knees. Looking straight ahead and back straight, try to see where the tape touches the floor, then subtract 1". Be careful doing this because as you bend over to the side this shortens the length. It is really helpful and more accurate to use a second person.

If you have a tailor in the are it may be worth having them do it for you if need be. If for some reason they know about kilts be SURE to tell them this is NOT a traditional kilt and therefore has NO RISE. (Rise=From the waistline UP to just under the ribs)

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Thanks JT and this has been pinned per your request.

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