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March Gift - Alt.kilt 5Th Birthday Bash

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Welcome to the third month of the Alt.Kilt 5 Year Birthday Bash!

This month I am so pleased to feature the incredible music of Seanan McGuire []. She is a wonderful writer of multiple urban fantasy books and other short stories - check out the October Daye series, if this is your style. We are going to be giving away 5 copies of her newest album Wicked Girls to the first five orders placed in March.


  1. Counting Crows
  2. Mama Said
  3. Cartography
  4. How Much Salt?
  5. Jack's Place
  6. Carnival Glass
  7. Dear Thomas
  8. The True Story Here
  9. Mother of the Crows
  10. Tanglewood Tree
  11. The Ghost of Lilly Kane
  12. Fox Hunt
  13. The Snow Queen Dreams
  14. Writing Again
  15. Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves
  16. My Story Is Not Done

From her website: The followup to 2007's Stars Fall Home is finally almost upon us! Fairy tales and wolves, carnivals and crows, this is a once upon a time that has been a long time coming. With fourteen original songs and two covers, this is Seanan's most ambitious project yet.

Wicked Girls features performances by Kristoph Klover, Michelle Dockrey, Amy McNally, Paul Kwinn, Margaret Davis, SJ Tucker, and Dr. Mary Crowell, along with special guests and musical surprises yet to be announced. With sound engineering and production by Kristoph Klover, cover art by Tara O'Shea, and interior design by Beckett Gladney, this is an album that Seanan could not possibly be prouder of, and cannot wait for you to have the opportunity to hear.

I have had this album on repeat in our car since I got it in the mail - I love it and I am so happy to support Seanan as an artist and share her music with Alt.Kilt fans.


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