Free Kid's Kilt And Discount Code!

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Hi all!

It is September! Time once again for our free Kids' Kilt Program as we raise money for Give Kids' The World Village. This year, the color choices are three variations of green. Kids' Kilts are completely free but we also are thankful for any donation you wish to make to this worthy cause. Last year we raised over $360 and this year our goal is $500. Stay tuned for more goodies this month including a custom build auction.

Free Kids kilts are here:

Also - our continuing work with Magnum Boots, The Happy Medic and MotorCop - we still have a running 15% coupon code till the end of September. We have been honored to be part of their Kilted to Kick Cancer campaign to raise awareness for male-specific cancers. The website for KTKC is and the press release is here:

The coupon code "KTKC" will give you 15% off any kilt order placed through the website now till the end of September.

Thank you so much for you continued support!


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I plan to order tonight, if all goes well. Missed out last year due to my oldest being fickle.

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just ordered (I did $40 each, shipping took it to just over $100 bucks, but based on the ticker, adding my kids two it should be just short of halfway to the goal, on day 3.

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