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Any way to add a section where celtic, or kilted music could be uploaded to the site, so that members could listen to pipes while doing forum stuff? or has anyone looked for a celtic music vendor to join the brotherhood merchants list?

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Here is what I listen to while I'm surfing the internet.

Uses the Live365 player. Put your cursor on the spot that says radio tools and then put it on the "listen now" tab. Highlander is traditional, Celtic Rock is a mix of tradtional and celtic rock. Celtic Moon is more new age stuff. The premium channels (which are ad free)you have to pay for. The live 365 selections are basically the same as th top three except you have ads to listen to but they are free. You will probably have to register on Live 365 but that's free too. You can pay for and download a Live365 player to your computer for $15 and then get ad free (they call it VIP membership) for so much a year.

Each radio station on Live 365 has its own stuff that can be paid for and you get other perks. For instance paid membership on the Celtic radio forum is about $2 a month. That gets you the ability to edit posts, post pictures, access to certain parts of the forum, etc. That's about the only big difference. There are a couple of goodies for paying for it but I just put up with the occasional ads and listen for free all the time.

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