Wine Preservative For Your Scotch And Whiskey?

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How many of you have multiple bottles open at once? Have you ever set one aside for later, after drinking some of it, in favor of sampling your newest acquisition?

I had heard from friends that hard alcohols don't go bad, and I believed them, so I would regularly have half bottles that didn't get touched for a long time. Having that many open, you tend to forget what they tasted like when you first opened them.

I had one bottle though that was just way to peaty for my taste - so much so that I let a 2/3 bottle sit for almost 10 years before getting back to it. If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong), I think it was a Highland Park.

At some point, I looked at the open ones and said "I gotta clean up the dregs;" and so I started focusing on that as a project, starting with the ones closest to being finished. When I got to the Highland Park, I found that it was dull and lifeless, not anything like the whisky that had attacked my taste-buds years before!

Now, I have probably 15-20 bottles of scotch and whiskey in the cabinet, but I try to stick to having only 3 or 4 bottles open at a time, and I use one of the wine preservatives that are on the market to seal out the oxygen when I'm done pouring. I hopefully will go through them quickly enough that a taste loss isn't a danger, but just in case, I'm playing it safe.

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They don't last that long here. :wink:

I have two open bottle of Single Malt at a time, just for some variety in my wee dram of the evening. If a bottle lasts longer than a month, it's time to throw a party and pawn it off on the guests. :thumleft:

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Here's a tidbit, which may be helpful:

Will your whisky go bad? No, it should not, but you have to store it properly. Here are guidelines:

1. Keep your whisky in a cupboard - or liquor cabinet. The key is to keep it OUT of the sunlight. If the Scotch came in a 'presentation type' box and if you can't keep it tucked away in the dark, then just keep it in the box or tube since it is designed to protect the whisky.

2. Temperature - what's ideal? First, don't expose it to extremes of temperatures and second, keep it at what's known as 'cellar temperatures' - which is between 65 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, or 18.3 - 19.4 Celsius. Now we realize not everyone has a the opportunity to store it in 'cellar like temps', but it is considered the ideal way to do it.

3. Store whisky in an upright position - you want to keep the Scotch AWAY from contact with the cork.

Your opened bottles of Scotch should not vary month to month, but it is possible there can be subtle changes over the years and that's mainly because even the best sealed bottles eventually will let air in. In addition, if a cork is being used, over a long period of time, that cork can deteriorate which would cause air to get into the bottle, and therefore evaporation. Also, the cork itself can sometimes flavor a whisky. Another problem could be with a metal cap - over a long period, that metal cap can sometimes deteriorate or rust and even quite possibly leave a metalic taste in the whisky.

Every bottle is different and it may just boil down to trial and error. There are many really old whiskies which should be perfectly fine to drink, but each person has to make their own assessment.

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This was my cabinet back in 2005 (I should really take a newer shot of it). Ignore the Everclear. I had just gotten it. LOL... I still have it, and it gets used more as a solvent than anything else.

As you can see, everything stays in the dark, on the bottom self, and the cabinet is against an inside wall - even the open bottles go back into their box. I'm not sure I could get the environment any more stable without a lot more investment.


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