Cruising On The Disney Magic

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Hi all,

Just got got back from Disney cruise for 8 days. Disney has some REALLY nice military discounts. Saved over 45%, couldn't pass it up and since about have the ship was filled with retirees, reservists and active duty we were in pretty good company.

I brought mostly kilts for this since there was going to be a formal night, a semi-formal and a fancy brunch. Figured why pack twice the stuff since I needed to bring all the stuff for the kilts anyways. There were a couple times I did go conventional. Part of one was my limits of hose. Doing laundry on vacation is not a vacation so there was a limit to how many changes I could do. One of those times was at Animal Kingdom in Disney World. Got a back stage tour which required us to wear harnesses. Kilts and harnesses aren't the best combination. They chafe.

Here is the first installment. Thought I'd hit the kilts first and than get to the rest a bit later. It will be a mix of Disney's and my pics.

My kilt pin for most of the cruise -


Hanging with Goofy after "running" a 5K in a Navy Sport Kilt -


And with Stitch (a fav) after a shower and change into a Navy NWU kilt -


Formal Night with Amy (yes I am in the photo) I decided to do the full Monty since I doubt most people would notice see the fly plaid let alone care. This is a my Kathy Lare Tank in Lamont modern -


Used a clan badge with my Navy rank on it for the plaid pin from Alexis Malcolm. The sporran is a custom "rat" sporran that I had done out of nutria hide -


Hanging with the main Mouse -


With Miss Mouse on Semi-formal night in a USA 5 yard Dress Gordon -


Back with the Goof -


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The rig worn to the fancy brunch. One of the restaurants on board does have an extra charge if you want to eat there for brunch or dinner but they have a higher dress code so went with more of a business casual look. This being my R'lyeh Ancient -


And of course the way better half -


In the Animal Kingdom (before being required to change) in a Gordon Modern PV -


Out and about Key West in a Highland Granite (I think) acrylic -


More to come.


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Thanks for the pics looks like it was a good time.

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Looks like you had a good time.

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Outstanding! I wore mine on a British isle cruise. Nothing but compliments even when wearing it at Loch Ness.


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