Wild Scotsman Scotch Kickstarter

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Found this really cool kickstarter from a independant bottler of scotch whiskey. He is wanting to do a documentary of his travels around the country trying to get his brand out there. Looks like a cool little project and he travels kilted. Thought I would share it so we can help out a fellow kilt wearer.

In his words:


The Wild Scotsman Project is an inside view of both the "Man" (Jeffrey Topping) and the "Brand" of Wild Scotsman Whisky. I'm American by birth, and Scottish and German by heritage. I've been trained in the Lowlands of Scotland in distilling, and have mentored in the craft of bottling and blending. By trade, I am an Independent Bottler of Scotch Whisky which is probably one of he oldest legal professions in the industry... but that does not really explain the "brand within the man" (or the man within the brand).

I have often wondered what it would be like to travel back in time to meet Johnny Walker, John Dewar, Sir Arthur Bell, William Teacher, etc. I would like to ask them, "Where did the man end and the brand begin, or was there no separation? What motivated you? Was it pure passion, money, or something else?" I guess I will never know their thoughts, and neither can you. You can, however, meet the Wild Scotsman...Jeffrey Topping.

I want to create a pilot for an on-line documentary exploring what it is to be both a brand and a person in an industry which tends to have a lot of brands and very few faces. The struggles I face by being a small independent brand trying to make its way in the market place without the deep pockets or lavish expenses of major drinks companies. Hand selling and educating my customers from experience and not memorized cue cards and power points. Making time for what most important to me on the road, my family. Without my girls there is no meaning for what I do. I want you to experience all of this from my point of view and from those we meet along the way."

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Link? I'm always up for trying new Scotch!!!

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