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5.11 Tdk (Size 42) & Utkilt (Size 44)

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Sooooo I have lost a ton of weight (90 lbs in 18 months) I got a UTKilt when I though i was done loosing weight ordered 44" when i was a 46" then I ordered a 5.11 TDK after i lost a bit more guessing I wouldnt go under a 42 (these are in p@nt$ size). So now my TDK gets here after many months wait and im a real 41" waist (p@nt$ size 38ish). I called 5.11 Tactical and I have the option to return for credit but they state since all were custom orders I cant return for a different size. So I was hoping to find somone with the reverse problem. that might need a bit larger than they ordered.

The 5.11 TDK is in black and only taken out of the bag long enough to confirm it was 3-4 inchs too big.

the UTKilt is in Tan and was worn 5-8 times and it really good condition.

I would love to trade them for a kilt I can actually wear, doesnt have to be the same type/maker of kilt PM me and we can talk if you would like to trade. if not I would be interested in selling them.


UPDATE: I contacted 5.11 and evidently they had some extras or other returns and let me RMA my 42 back for a smaller size so its going back tomorrow. I still have the UTKilt in 44" if someone is interested in trading or buying it send me a PM.

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