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When I made Crisis 12's Multicam Apoco-Kilt, I was gonna use a khaki/sand color thread. When I got it home and laid it out on the fabric it was WAYYY too shiny and just looked wrong. I looked around for what I had rolling around in the thread bin and came up with one of those 1/2 lb spools of OD that looked "right." I had got it at an Army/Navy store about 10 years ago for $1. I knew I tried it before on my little machine and it never worked. For whatever reason I tried it again. I spooled up a bobbin on a metal class 15 I just got (turns out the Sailrite I want and my little Kenmore use the same bobbins!) and did some "creative" threading on the machine and tried it out on a scrap piece.


Worked like a charm and was a joy to work with compared to the cotton/poly crap I had been using. Well, I asked another Needle Pimp on the base what he thought it might have been. He thought it might have been a lower Tex of bonded nylon. I found a manufacturers name on one of the ones he had that didn't look like it at all but they seemed like the folks to ask.

I called on the way home (before the flag thing) and was told they do in fact sell direct and with no minimum order.


I got home, checked the old spool and started to google the numbers on the back with no luck. I double checked the website of the folks I called and hit paydirt.


Turns out I used a NOMEX thread on the Multicam kilt. That thing is even more Mil-Spec than even I thought of.


OK, so I checked on the prices there and WOW! Nomex is a tad more pricey than spun gold! On second thought, looks like I'll be using nylon thread in a TEX size 45.

No color chart yet but they are sending me a color sample pack and I'll try to get a good shot of it when I get it.

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Bitchin thread bro!!

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You found cheap Nomex?

I've thought about using it... But the cost. Ugh.

Around $12 per 2 oz spool. Not the best but great quality. You know it's not gonna break or burn!

Start cruising Army/Navy stores. That's where I found mine. I got a new roll (4,450yds) for $1. Granted it's OD, but it blends in with Woodland, woodland Marpat, Multicam, and of coarse Olive Drab. They might have black, tan, or white as well.

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