• The Brotherhood of the Kilt is a global co-ed organization dedicated to the kilt and the people who wear it. We strive to positively impact the affordability and variety of kilted products available by providing an open venue for small and large Celtic or kilted businesses to promote their products and services. We also endeavor to educate the global community about the history of the kilt and its impact on people and cultures around the world. Utilizing online forums, live discussions, kilted social events and growing merchant support, The Brotherhood promotes the modern use, appearance and image of the kilt, regardless of type and style, to further its worldwide acceptance.
    It is our belief that you don't need to be Celtic to put on the kilt, you just need the courage to wear it!


    Why Join the Brotherhood of the Kilt?


    Because you want more than just the average kilted experience. Not only are you joining what will become the largest kilted organization on the planet, you will be able to make those hard-earned dollars go farther when buying that next kilt, sporran or set of bagpipes. I've negotiated discounts of at least 10% with many fine merchants and kilt makers, who's logos you can see on this page. Every merchant who has earned the title Official Merchant of the Brotherhood of the Kilt has been reviewed by me personally, and will not rip you off, overcharge or by any means try to pull one over on your.


    I'll make sure of that.


    While I am working hard to find merchants and vendors who won't take your money and run, the Brotherhood of the Kilt as a whole is hunting for resources for everyone to learn about the kilt and the cultures who wear it. We are gathering educational resources were you can learn about your heritage, family and maybe even find the link to a kilted culture you thought you had no connection to!

    One of the primary goals of the Brotherhood is to change the social stigma that a kilt is a costume that only scots wear. I eagerly await the day when I can walk down the street, and see another person wearing the kilt not for an event or some special holiday, but because they want to.

    Remember, you don't need to be Celtic to put on a kilt, you just need the courage to wear it!




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    Kevin Thompson,
    The Brotherhood of the Kilt


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